Asbestos Roof Removal

Be sure your contractor is UKATA Class B trained or you could pay a big price if they are not!!

Asbestos roofs and asbestos in general is only dangerous if you can breathe it in, or ingest the fibres (dust). Solid bonded asbestos roofing material is very low risk. It becomes high risk if it is damaged or the surface deteriorates so that fibres are released into the air. The real DANGER with asbestos roof removal is when you get the wrong person to remove your asbestos roof and dispose of it. If removed incorrectly by untrained roofers, who not only put their own lives at risk but those of you and your family, by creating dust, leaving residue and all manner of other bad practices your health could be affected. They will almost certainly have to dispose of the materials illegally as they will not have the necessary permit or facilities to dispose of the waste asbestos in accordance with the latest regulations. In conclusion your are not only putting your own lives at risk but those of other people because the hazardous and dangerous asbestos roofing which has been removed and disposed of incorrectly, it is possible you could face prosecution if you allow this to happen.

What you need is a Class B non-licensed contractor to remove your Asbestos Roofing.

B&C Roofing have a UKATA trained team for the purpose of Asbestos roofing removal and disposal of the Asbestos waste. UKATA sets standards in asbestos training and ensures that its members are trained to comply with current legislation and regulations. We can provide all the necessary paperwork and permits to confirm we are permitted to remove and dispose of your asbestos roofing. Once your asbestos roofing is removed we can provide the consignment tickets which protect you from prosecution as you have contracted a reputable company to remove and dispose of the hazardous asbestos waste appropriately.

Why Choose B&C Roofing for your Asbestos Roofing Removal?

Working strictly in accordance current regulations the asbestos waste will be dismantled on site by one of our teams. Your asbestos garage or pitched roof will be removed, transported to our licensed premises and finally disposed of strictly in accordance with HSE and hazardous waste guidelines, which includes providing the required consignment ticket. We are of course fully insured and licensed by the Environment Agency (copies of our licence will be made available prior to starting any work should this be required) and we operate strictly within the guidelines set out by the EA and the HSE.

Call to arrange a free detailed roof survey, we will then be able to advise on your most cost effective options and offer a competitive quotation.