Rooflight Installation

We install and replace rooflights on commercial and domestic properties, from large warehouses or factories to one bedroomed flats. We can install or replace any type of rooflight on pitched or flat roofs, Including: GRP, PVC, polycarbonate single skin and insulated rooflights, single skin and insulated domed or barrel vaulted rooflights and sunpipes. Rooflights are generally replaced for two reasons either they have become discoloured and tinted or they have cracked due to harmful UV rays.

On both commercial and residential property a rooflight can benefit a building in a number of ways, primarily they increase the volume of natural light let into a workspace or living environment, and can enhance the internal appearance which makes for a better working or living space. The environment also benefits as there is less need for artificial lighting cutting electricity bills and the strain on natural resources.

An alternative way to let natural light into a building is roof glazing. roof glazing is found on both flat and pitched roofs, B&C Roofing can install or replace roof glazing using new glass, or alternative materials like GRP, polycarbonates or even solid sheeting.

Call to arrange a free detailed site survey, we will then be able to advise on your rooflight options and offer a competitive quotation.