St Rumon's School Tavistock

Considerations for the Project

Large scale project involving the removal of slates from all elevations

Large scale project involving the removal of slates from all elevations along with re-felt batten and replacement in new Delabole slates(very expensive due to life expectancy of up to 140 years). Over 13000 new slates installed along with 3000 reclaimed to roof over boiler house. The project was completely under cover with scaffolding tin roof to allow the school to function at the same time as the project was being worked on. The logistics of the project with regards to deliveries and waste removal were very awkward due to a highway outside school with no parking facilities available.

How B&C Roofing handled this challenging roofing project

A traffic management system with lights was put in position everyday and removed when work finished every night at 4.30. As the school is a listed building therefore anything taken off the building had to be replaced with exactly the same materials as those that had been removed. B&C Roofing contracted new windows to be manufactured and installed to the exact same specification as those being replaced. All of the clay roll top ridges required replacing and were installed along with the recovering of flat roof areas. New lead was installed to the dormer roofs, in view of the buildings listed status, valleys were bossed into position using traditional methods. The project was completed on time to a very high standard for which B&C were given a lot of credit by the client.

A quote from St Rumons weekly newsletter

“The time is fast approaching when they will be finishing, so we should like to say a big well done to them”

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