Cedar Shingle Roofs

As we seek greener, more socially responsible approaches to the design and construction of buildings, and as more and more architects and designers optimise sites and buildings for environmental sustainability. There are certain key factors in any building project, energy consumption, material manufacture costs, durability and sustainability, build costs, and maintenance overheads.

A roof is a major component in a buildings construction and acts in both a protective and decorative way, and can be constructed from a variety of different materials. The use of timber, and in particular timber shingles as a roofing material is becoming increasingly popular for both commercial and residential properties. This is mainly due to the environmental benefits over alternative materials and their ability to be used to create buildings with visual impact.

Cedar shingles are recognised as the best thermal insulator amongst the commonly available softwoods, with thermal properties superior to some conventional materials and help to keep buildings at optimum temperatures with reduced cooling or heating overheads. Cedar shingles have an anticipated service life of 40 to 60 years, depending upon the location and potential exposure to wetting. Cedar shingles do not require any retreating, and can therefore be considered as a viable long-term roofing solution with minimal maintenance. They offer considerable design flexibility, and are easily adapted to both traditional and contemporary styles of building.

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