Flat to Pitched Conversions

The key reasons our clients consider a flat to a pitched roof conversion are the expense, the practicality and aesthetics of the building and nearly all commercial and residential properties can be converted. The two principle construction methods for the flat to pitched conversions used by B&C Roofing are the traditional timber or we often use lightweight modular structures that are built onto an existing roof structure. These are assembled at roof level and because they’re lightweight, there is limited increased weight on the building structure, which is taken into account during the design process.

We’ve worked on flat to pitch roof conversions for many different types of building and have the knowledge and experience to determine appropriate options for your project. Where a commercial or residential property owner has had ongoing problems with a flat roof installation or when the life of the roof has expired, converting to a traditional roofing system can be a consideration. The aesthetics of a pitched roof where, tiles, fascia and rain water goods match the installation of the main building or surrounding ones, can greatly enhance the overall appearance of the property, as well as potentially increasing its value.

Call us to arrange a free detailed site survey, we will then be able to advise you on your conversion options and offer a competitive quotation.