Liquid Plastic and GRP

The principal benefit of a liquid applied and GRP roofs over traditional flat roof coverings is that there are no joints. We use glass fibre reinforced polymers for flat roofs that chemically fuse to the substrate and cure to form a tough, totally seamless and completely waterproof, flexible membrane that allows for natural structural movement.

For years bitumen based felt was one of the few choices available for flat roofing applications. With today’s advanced technology, it has become possible to create an ideal alternative. Replacement flat roofs are often constructed from maintenance free glass reinforced plastic (GRP), this material is stronger and more durable than any other flat roofing product in today’s market.

GRP flat roofing comes in a range of colours so enabling you to choose one that suits your home best. GRP flat roofing lasts longer than conventional felt roofing and is totally maintenance free, although a little more expensive to install the benefits can often out weigh the cost.

Other benefits of GRP roofing is that it has a more environmentally friendly design, totally safe to install, is UV resistant and fire retardant. If you are considering options to replace the flat roof on either a commercial or residential property please call us for free friendly advice.

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