Metal Clad & Overcladding

B&C Roofing Ltd have carried out many metal clad roof replacements and refurbishments. Our in-depth experience and knowledge allows us to provide detailed survey reports and very competitive quotations for sheet lap, panelling replacement as well as complete strip & re-sheets or over-clads. We are usually able to carry out works of any type without affecting the daily running of your business through careful planning and safe working practices.

Thinking of re-roofing your industrial premises ? Want to keep costs down, consider over cladding your roof as a low-cost alternative. Refurbishment can be used to improve the environmental impact of the building, over cladding increases insulation, improve the aesthetics of your location as well as restoring any issues such as roof leak and small areas of damage. Metal Cladding roof refurbishment, over-cladding offers customers a cost-effective alternative to a complete replacement.

Call us to arrange a free detailed site survey and roof report, we will then be able to advise you on your refurbishment options and offer a competitive quotation.