Roofing with Reclaimed Materials

Over the years requirements have changed to the more sympathetic matching of already existing roof lines. This has caused the reclaim market to expanded rapidly. At B&C Roofing we have adapted to the needs of our commercial and residential customers and established a network of reclaimed slate and tile suppliers who have between them a stock of more than ½ million reclaimed roofing tiles and slates at any one time.

If your building is listed, in a conservation area, National Park or simply a unique design you may rest assured that B&C Roofing have the necessary management expertise and breadth of skills to ensure that your project is successfully completed to the highest professional standards.

With experience of over 40 years B&C Roofing have amassed an immense amount of knowledge to enable them to undertake this kind of roofing project. All the traditional skills and methods that are needed to repair or replace your roof are readily available within the company. You have the peace of mind that all work is being carried out by a roofing company accredited by the roofing and construction industry’s leading authorities.

B&C Roofing have heritage NVQ3 accredited employees and are true experts in the field.

Call us on 01752 696661 to arrange a free detailed roof survey, we will then be able to advise on your most cost effective options & offer a competitive quotation.