Tanking Structural

B&C Roofing have performed high quality structural waterproofing to commercial and domestic properties throughout Devon and Cornwall. With over 40 years experience waterproofing and leak sealing we have acquired the skills and knowledge to overcome waterproofing issues associated with many different types of building.

The ingress of water into concrete or masonry buildings will have a detrimental effect on it’s durability and usefulness. Dependent on the type of issue and it’s location will determine what type of remedial action is taken. The options are wide and varied and include both internal and external tanking, leak sealing, joint and crack waterproofing with coatings or membrane systems.

B&C Roofing are constantly reviewing the latest advances in structural waterproofing technology to ensure we are always consistent in offering the best possible solutions for our domestic and commercial customers.

Call to arrange a free detailed roof survey, we will then be able to advise on your most cost effective options and offer a competitive quotation.